Monday, June 14, 2010

What? How did I get here?

Time to tell the story.......
After 30 years in the travel industry, twelve of them for the same company, we were purchased by a new company and I was made redundant (as they say in the UK). Seems an odd term to use for being laid off, doesn't it? I've been called worse but, since some of the definitions of redundant are repetitive, excessive, superflous and useless, I'll have to say, "If the shoe fits......" At any rate, they said see you later and, after the initial shock, I was pretty darned happy about it. I was becoming increasingly unhappy there and the new company's way of doing things was not to my liking so I viewed it as a blessing and an opportunity and have never looked back.
For some time prior to this I had been wanting to do two things. One was start a sideline business making baked goods of some sort and the other was to move to Austin. First things first. I spent the next month or so going through my entire house, filling up half my living room with things to get rid of and being ruthless about it. Then I had a huge yard sale and made quite a bit of money. Moved out and put the rest of my belongings in storage. Spent the next month staying with my wonderful mom, spending time with her and my Houston friends and then it was time to move on.
One of the MOST important things in me being able to move and start over is the support of my family. And especially my younger sister and her husband who live in the Austin area and opened their home to me. How lucky am I?
Now it was time for dual tasks; job hunting and start a plan for the baking business. I spent those first two months or so doing lots of research on the requirements for a "home based" baking business and getting creative in the kitchen. My sister and her husband both love sweets so I hope I at least partially paid my room and board with treats.
Then one of my favorite people in the world, a friend of about 25 years called to say he had an open bedroom in his house in Austin and why didn't I come be his roommate? Again, how lucky am I?
Now, only 5 months after losing my job, I was already officially living in Austin. Yay!!

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